Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

     I wake up every morning excited that I get to do what I absolutely love to do - photography. And owning my own studio has opened up other interests, including gardening and travel.

 I am blessed beyond belief.  I love interacting with people. I love watching people.

Most people don't know that I collect animation art - especially Bugs Bunny cells signed by the original artists. Bugs Bunny has always fascinated me. He is one of my heroes!

 My bucket list includes travelling to New Zealand, The Statue of Liberty, and the British Isles. I hope to get some of this off my list in the next few years. In 2016, I got to cross off The Beaches of Normandy.

 I love to grill, play golf, and watch interesting shows on TV like "How Do They Make That?" or "Auction Hunters" or "Shipping Wars".

 I am a Star Trek AND Star Wars fanatic. I think that's because I have always wanted to go into outer space. If NASA had ever called me and said they had an empty seat on one of the Shuttles, I would have been there faster than the speed of light. 

 I am a super strong supporter of our Military! We cannot repay the men and women of our Armed Forces enough for what they do for us. While I never served in the Military, I was an Air Force brat. I was born in Ft. Worth while my Dad was stationed at Carswell Air Force Base. I had the opportunity to travel all over and see a wide variety of cultures and things, something I am very grateful for now.

 When it comes to history, I can't study enough about WWII. I love talking with WWII veterans - they're getting fewer and fewer every day. I have countless books, movies, and memorabilia regarding WWII. If you ever get a chance to visit the WWII Museum in New Orleans, do it! I currently am presenting a PowerPoint presentation on my visit in 2016 to the D-Day Beaches of Normandy, France to any Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, or other civic club, plus any one that would like to see it. 

 A good Merlot wine and great music help me mellow out. (So does Wedding Cake Vodka, but that's a different story for later.)

 I'm a firm believer in continuing education and giving back, mentoring to those just starting. There are so many that have helped me along my journey - it's my turn to help others.

 I'm a sucker for becoming an officer in organizations I join. I somehow become the President. I hold the "Past President" title of the following organizations:

  • Ft. Worth Professional Photographers Association
  • The Wedding Ring
  • Texas Professional Photographers Association 
  • Association of Wedding Professionals
  • Arlington Sunrise Rotary Club  
  • Southwest Professional Photographers Association

 I have received the following Degrees and Honors:

  • Photographic Craftsman Degree from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), July 1986
  • Master of Photography Degree from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), July 1995
  • Approved Photographic Instructor (API) from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), May 1998
  • PPA National Award from the Texas Profesisonal Photographers, October 2009

 I have taught photographic classes:

  • On several local levels (Women's Cubs, Camera Clubs, in-Studio classes)
  • To 31 professional photography Guilds in the South and Southwest
  • At the Professional Photographers Society of New York School, 2000
  • At the Texas School of Professional Photography, Texas A&M Campus, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006

 Some of the other titles I have been given include Head Honcho, Owner, Janitor, Heather's Dad, CEO/CFO/CMO, Groundskeeper, Granddaddy, and Santa's Elf. To many of my photography and wedding friends, my nickname is "Yoda".

 I married my soul mate, Barbara, in 1972, and together we have two children (Heather & Robbie plus his wife Amanda) and three adorable Grandchildren (Abigale, Byron, and Cooper). BarkLee, our oh-so-loveable Cocker Spaniel, brings so much joy to my life and those that come in contact with him.

 I believe that God has been responsible for all successes I have achieved. And I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and my Saviour.


Hi! I'm Heather! 

     Yep, I'm the reason Southern Flair Photography exists today. When my mom quit her job to be a stay at home mom before I was born, Dad took up photography as a second profession. So needless to say, I've grown up in the biz. I'm not only a photographer, but the resident graphic designer. Need Save The Dates, Invitations, Christmas cards, or an Album? I can design them for you.  Want to go on a Disney Vacation? I can help you plan! I'm a Travel Agent that Specializes in Disney Destinations! ºoº

     I've won The Best Wedding Album and the Best MuliMaker Album (of course with Dad) - both from the Texas Professional Photographers Association, and Member of the Year from the Association of Wedding Professionals. I've achieved my Associate Fellowship with the Texas Professional Photographers back in June 2010 and on January 22, 2013, I received the Photographic Craftsman Degree from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). The Photographic Craftsman Degree is awarded for service as an orator, author or mentor. This degree shows that you have gone beyond the creation of images and dedicated your time to move the industry forward and encourage education. Only about 4% of the total membership of PPA earn a degree. In April 2022, I received my Full Fellowship with the Texas Professional Photographers.


Besides photography:

  • I LOVE to travel. (that dock  photo above is from Fairbanks, Alaska)
  • Like to cook (but not clean up the mess)
  • Watch TV shows like Virgin River, Sweet Magnolias,  Reruns of The Love Boat, Say Yes to The Dress, The Voice, M.A.S.H reruns, Chicago Fire, Shark Tank, reruns of The West Wing, Star Trek TNG reruns, When Calls The Heart, & Any sappy Hallmark channel movie
  • I can't stand seafood, give me a steak instead. Seafood does not taste like chicken.
  • I'm not a morning person unless I'm leaving town for a vacation. 
  • My favorite movie is Steel Magnolias but also like The Notebook, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, The Wedding Date, My Life in Ruins, The Muppets Take Manhatan, Where The Heart Is, Any Star Trek movie, Meet Joe Black, 
  • Love to send or receive Cookie Bouquets!
  • Love to cruise! Seriously, a cruise vacation is awesome! I'm a Platinum Member of The Captain's Circle on Princess and also Platinum on Royal Caribbean.
  • I adore Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland Paris. 
  • Added Travel Agent to my list of occupations in 2019! I specialize in Disney Vacations with hopes of adding several cruise lines to my portfolio soon.
  • I love Thunderstorms and think they are very relaxing. 
  • Favorite Music- Josh Groban, I admit it I'm a Yanni fan, still love *NSYNC as a group but not as individuals, Backstreet Boys, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Manheim Steamroller
  • Played the Cello in 5th & 6th grades &  was in the drumline at Arlington High.
  • Watching Anne of Green Gables is a fond memory growing up
  • Roses of any color except red & Stargazer Lilies are my favorite flowers